Abington Township

Abington Board of CommissionersAbington Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Ordinance No. 2029

Adopted: April 12, 2012


Local community leaders began organizing for this ordinance in 2010 in connection with Suburban Equality. This ordinance met a great deal of challenges in the two year struggle for its passage, but it was ultimately adopted in a 10 – 5 vote. The ordinance was initially voted down in January 2011. There is a long history of the advocacy which will be posted later in the spring of 2013 as it is still being written.

The Abington ordinance was the first time a nondiscrimination ordinance was adopted by a Republican majority local government.

Additionally, the Abington Township Board of Commissioners includes one of the first and only out local government board members, Lori Schreiber. She worked closely with her fellow Commissioners toward the passage. Several times, she gave compelling and compassionate remarks at Board meetings. Commissioner Madeline Dean voted for the ordinance, and in May 2012 was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives where she has become a strong ally to LGBT issues.

Local advocates formed Abington Against Discrimination and Defamation (ADD). You can visit their Facebook page here. Many local leaders from faith-based communities, the Anti-Defamation League, and League of Women Voters also supported the ordinance.

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